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Parents – you have a lifelong responsibility - Psalm 127:3-5

Psalm 127 3-5 (The Message) Don't you see that children are GOD's best gift? the fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Reflections on my daughter’s 21 st birthday Motherhood changed my life. I never imagined how a little person could have so much impact. As I look back over the last 21 years, I see God’s hand intervening at critical stages, especially when I refused to allow him to touch my heart even though I was a professing “Christian” since childhood.   My daughter is now a successful college student. I’m proud of the heart she has for God. It was her passion for God that ultimately changed my life. My notes are always intended to encourage your journey, so I offer these observations about my experiences: ·         Remember that you are the parent and not their best friend. Friendship happens when they are older. ·         Have a passion that you can share with your child. I love animals, reading, shopping and volunteering.   We have many memories enjoying