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Moments with God: Love you like there’s no tomorrow

Ecclesiastes 3:12  I know the best thing we can do is to always enjoy life…  Death comes unexpectedly. It creeps up on unfinished lives; lives whose business may not be finished. Death signals the end of relationships; it leaves memories. The body is extinguished lifeless; the spirit soars away. Death changes those who remain. Death has changed me…yet again…within a span of six weeks. The thing I know for sure is that love matters. That connection…that love tie that binds humans…love never dies. Memories remain. Making memories takes an added urgency after death deals its harsh blows. Death reminds us to be in the moments that matter. Death reminds us to take time for things that make memories. Death insists that we not take those we love for granted. Death takes away time. Time is life. Life is priceless. Love those who matter. Laugh. Hug. Love like there’s no tomorrow. 

Moments with God: Bells

Missing mother. For a few years I've been waking up and asking the Lord to take care of Mom. She passed away last month. Walking down the street one morning this week, I thought of her, smiled and said her name softly, "Mi Lalita De La Rosa..." Almost immediately the local church bell rang.  I consider it a sweet touch from God letting me know all is well.

Moments with God: Yes

Blanca: "Lord, I woke up!" God:  "Yes." Today I'm going to live each moment purposefully because God has another day planned for me!

Moments with God: But I love you anyway!

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013 Blanca:  "Lord, that person has great qualities and I've known them a long time, but... But they are so hard to love and understand. They are simply too hard to love." God: "Really? Tell me more, Blanca." Blanca: "Wha?? OK! You got me there. I'm hard to like and love as well!" God: "But I love you anyway !" Learned a simple lesson today, a lesson that I already know but that I forget because I want to wave my wand of perfection. God loves me as I am. Why can't I love others for who they are instead of wishing they would change to please me.