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When God moves you out of your current comfort zone

Psalm 119:2 Happy are those who follow his commands, who obey him with all their heart. “Obey God and leave the consequences to Him.” – Dr. Charles Stanley Imagine skydiving, car racing, competitive skiing or swimming and the exhilaration and increased heart beat you feel when you first jump out of that plane, go around that sharp corner or finish that course? Well – that’s how I feel right now. God has pushed me out of my comfort zone – and I feel totally incompetent but well-equipped. I know that God called me into the caring ministry. I fought it until I accepted His healing love. But I wasn’t sure whether I could go to the end of caring – but I can. I’ve been reluctant, I’ve doubted my abilities but over the last year, God has pushed me into situations that have tested my willingness to go for Him and not for myself. It has to be about God and not about my selfish motives. Lately I stop and ask the LORD if whatever I do is indeed his will – or if it’s just me