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The first time I prayed out loud

Today I was reminded that it was the 9th anniversary of the death of one of my best friends. My response was: “ This goes down as one of the most sacred days of my life...” The reason I write this note is to remember that God pushed me out of my comfort zone on the day Eva died. I had never prayed out loud and in the presence of many people.  Eva had taken her last breath surrounded by her loved ones at home by the time I arrived that Saturday nine years ago. I gathered my emotions, and I obeyed the Holy Spirit as the family formed a circle holding hands surrounding Eva. I cannot remember the exact words, but they rolled out of my tongue in a way that surprised me.  They were words of thankfulness for her life, for God’s comfort and for strength for the family. I deeply miss Eva’s physical presence. She left a giant hole in our friendship circle. I often remember that day when I obeyed.