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The August of worldwide discontent

My Word for 2014 – DO!  Psalm 50:6 (NLT) Then let the heavens proclaim his justice, for God himself will be the judge. Interlude. The long, hot days of August come to a close as I reflect on the grief and terror experienced  around the world  and  in America by innocent people. Somehow, this month can’t be all about me and my personal world because God opened my eyes and heart to the hatred and evil of humankind. Terrorism against any group, anywhere in the world, is evil whether it’s political or is conducted by organizations that are supposed to protect the citizens of America. We saw images of an innocent journalist, women and children harmed across the world. We saw how racism reared its ugly head in our own back yard with the killing of a young black man. I came of age in the era of desegregation and it feels like  we've  lost ground. I’m particularly appalled at the ignorance of some Christians who are hypocrites when it comes to loving your brother as yourself

July kicked me out of the comfort zone.

My Word for 2014 – DO! After hosting Flat Friar , Little Man of the Cloth and Ambassador of Friendship, I realized that I needed to do my part to help  homeless and hurting animals on the streets of my city. I’m now sharing adoption opportunities and awareness through social media and people I know.  My cat Instagram account also features animal care tips. I’ll have more to say about this ministry later.  I also adopted Sam, a homeless 3-year-old gray tabby, in my community.  I've  known Sam for a while, but I  didn't  know his owner moved away and left him. Several of us fed Sam, but I took him in and had him vetted. He’s mine. I've  enjoyed gatherings with several key friends this month.  I've  also been available to those who need prayer and a listening ear.  One of my goals is to pull together a small group of women who will walk with me in ministry.   I've  been asking God to give me insights to make this effective.   I've  spent time rea