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Write it down and share it

The bucket list in my head It's almost the end of the first quarter of 2013 and it's time to write and share goals with my readers, so I can be accountable. No more excuses.  Sure, my life turned up-side-down during the last quarter of 2012, but that's history. On to get important things done because t here are things that matter to me...and here they are: I will finish that first manuscript for my first book I will return to my lay ministry  I will restore and revive personal relationships that matter I will work on learning how to surrender to what matters to God. I do have a few bucket list things I'd like to do this year: I'd like to finish several books I've started reading I'd like to organize my bedroom to make it my sanctuary I'd like to make my doctor happy by working out five days a week for 45 minutes...not sure if I commit but I will do my best What's on your plate for 2013? It's the perfect time to rethink w

Reflecting on the Papal election and my childhood

March 16, 2013 My First Communion Day with Tia Lupita  I was born into a deeply devout Catholic family  so it was natural for me to be moved by the selection of a new Pope.  We attended Spanish/Latin Mass at 7 a.m. every Sunday and I went to Catechism class each Wednesday (when I  didn't  play hooky with my best friend...sorry grandmother). J   I also celebrated my First Communion, Confirmation and  QuinceaƱera   with full blown Mexican-American family celebrations. My mother celebrating my Quinceanera with me. It was a big deal. Along the journey, most of the family left the church except my mom.  We found different congregations to fellowship and worship the Lord.  I dropped church and belief in God altogether for many years. But I returned to the Shepherd’s fold when my child was born, for her sake I say, but God caught my heart and that was a game changer – I fell deeply in love with the Lord. We have a Pope text! If I say I love God, the

Celebrating 22 - Happy Birthday Jackie!

Today my daughter, Jackie, celebrates 22 years of life. She is the love, pride and joy of my life. I asked God for one wonderful daughter. He granted my wish.  Here you are at 22 No one looks as gorgeous as you! What a special year it is It’s the year you leave school for show biz! No more books, deadlines and fees You are free to do what you please! Gone are the tests, challenges and torments This is the year you savor your accomplishments! You learned how to be at the top of the world And you sure look pretty with that hair all curled! It has been a fun, exhilarating and trying time You’ve learned how to cope when things didn’t rhyme… You’ve done the things that matter most you say Plus, you’ve paved your own way. Mom is so very proud of you Now let’s go shopping for our very next shoe! Don't forget: Always rely on your Heavenly Father. LoveU4Ever, Mom P.S. Parents: tell and show your children how much they mean to you!