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Watch your path! - based on Psalm 25:12

Psalm 25:12 (The Voice)  MAY anyone who fears the Eternal be shown the path he should choose. What a morning!  Today I finally woke up and listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I've been in the valley of the shadow of death for a while and I’m not going to couch it with glamour. It has been deep and dark and my soul was stuck in park. What makes this revelation interesting is that I have a very vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit … but…well…I was carrying on a very vibrant, one-sided relationship with the Lord!   It’s like telling your significant others that you love them, but it’s only from your mouth! I've  starting the process of digging out of my funk by reaching out boldly and humbly to God and telling him that  I've  been attempting to do it by Blanca’s self! You see, Blanca, is known for doing thing life on her own!   I keep falling back into my old habits. I have to take captive all my own wandering thoughts because I