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Decide that living underneath your circumstances is unacceptable

Do as the apostle Paul did and decide that you will put everything in God’s hands – regardless of what it is! When you are feeling your lowest – help someone else! When you know your Kingdom purpose, it’s energizing and it makes you get up in the morning and do what God needs for you to do! (Regardless of the stuff happening in our lives!) What’s your purpose? Conduct your life with CHRIST as the CENTER and it will make a difference in the lives of His children! Strive for ONENESS with Christ today!

The Fridays of my life

Ever measure your life by days, weeks, months or years? I counted empty Fridays of my life. Remember the TV show Dallas? I measured my life by how many shows I watched each week! I lived in silent desperation because I was missing something. Those were empty Fridays before I saw the Hand of Jesus that day in May of 2006. How my Fridays have changed!