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A November to never forget

My word for 2014: Do I write this post while visiting my child for the Thanksgiving holiday. Last year we spent the holiday apart and decided not to do that again. As with all important relationships, ours evolves over time. It's exciting to see her craft a journey that's uniquely hers. What matters  This I know: what she thinks matters to me! I want her to lead strong life that makes a difference for Christ. Current events The Ferguson verdict cast a pall over November for many.  I found myself among protestors. They also protested right out side our door, which concerned me. It's my hope that the institutionalized racism that exists in our country can be reconciled without further loss of lives. Decluttering My month was full of doing - my 2014 action word! I like the decluttering work I've done so far. It will carryover to 2015 as I seek peace in all areas of my life. Personal projects  I'm working on a photo project to get rid of th

My Divine Devotions: If you seek God, you will find him.

December 19, 2010 1 Chronicles 28:9 Accept the God of your father. Serve him completely and willingly, because the LORD knows what is in everyone's mind. He understands everything you think. If you go to him for help, you will get an answer. But if you turn away from him, he will leave you forever. Yes, God knows what’s on your mind. Yes, God understands why things are the way they are in your life. Yes, God wants you to go to him for help Yes, God will give you an answer Yes, God will leave you forever if you decide to turn from him God is waiting to answer all your questions. The real issue is: Are you willing to come to God and have a relationship with him? Are you willing to serve God with all of your heart, soul and mind? Many go to God during the hard times. It doesn’t have to be that way. God understands your daily struggles and your daily triumphs – and he wants to be part of it all. If you seek God, you will find him.