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Getting the things done you’d rather not do

My Word for 2014 – DO! Be prepared for the sunset of your life.  For this month’s DO blog post, I’d like to share a very important DO that I accomplished:   I got my personal and business affairs in order ! Sometimes you have to do things you’d rather not do like prepare a will, and pull all the important financial and legal information together that your loved ones need for the day that your earthly dash date arrives and your time is up. Most of us prefer not to consider the possibility, especially if we’re young, healthy and invincible. But I’m proud to say that my “do” goal, 52-week decluttering project and information from a professional development seminar helped me put my affairs in order, so I’ll share resources I found helpful. TED Talk :  Prepare for a good end of life I watched this short  speech by Judy MacDonald Johnston  at a conference earlier this year and was inspired to get my life plans in order as part of my do goal.

Anger causes more problems

James 1:20 Human anger is a futile exercise that will never produce God’s kind of justice in this world. Anger destroys joy It has been my unfortunate experience that anger invites more sin. Anger explodes lives. It kills relationships; it burns bridges and destroys people. Anger destroys trust. If only we would leave injustices done to us and those we love to God. His justice is fierce. Leave your anger in God’s hands.  Keep your sanity.

How will your life look before God? James 2:12

James 2:12 So live your life in such a way that acknowledges that one day you will be judged. But the law that judges also gives freedom,  Lately, I've been thinking about the day that I stand before a Holy God. It's a sobering thought. The Lord knows me, every single thing I've said, done or thought.  Yes. I will be judged and it's a scary, but exciting thing to imagine. On one hand, God will know of my deep devotion and crazy love...But... But what about the other side of me?  My sins, my struggles...the real me that's hidden from sight and sometimes from my own sight?  It's enough to paralyze me with fear.  But then I remember.  I'm free.  Knowing God made me free. I can change my actions.   I can make better decisions because it's His laws that protect me from myself.