Monday, March 31, 2014

March the time away

My Word for 2014 – DO!

One quarter of 2014 is history. Three months arrived, unfolded and ended. Poof. Gone. Time continues.

March has been a challenge. It was sad.

Death marched in.

I said good-bye to two people who touched my life in deep and meaningful ways.

Two lives ended in very different ways. One death rocked my world. Death arrived in a shocking way.

Death took another life too soon. Heartbreaking.

Death is no respecter of time regardless of circumstance. It’s good to love well and be in important moments.

I spent the month writing, reading and attending classes to enhance my compassion skills. 

I attended worship services in order to share Communion in community. I do like it.

I spent quality time ministering to the ill. I've learned much about how much I don’t understand when it comes to doing God’s will.
I also know that I get to do sacred work for God, and that amazes me. 

My life changed from one minute to the next. But I am in a serene place as that journey unfolds. I trust God.

I spent time with lots of people who matter, I talked to and exchanged messages with my child who celebrated her March birthday, and my online ministry rocked out.

My declutter project kicked into high gear as I had home improvements made. Lots of stuff was recycled, organized or given away.

Yes. Do is becoming part of my life. The word is written on the weekly calendar of my life so I never forget to do.

If I don’t do, it just doesn't get done.

 And I don’t want to miss doing what matters. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Divinely appointed or coincidence?

Matthew 5:8 NCV
They are blessed whose thoughts are pure, for they will see God.

I am in a season of deeper learning and yearning for the things of God.

During the sacred Lenten season, my heart compels me to remember the Lord’s great sacrifice by sharing Communion in community and by practicing spiritual disciplines.

Coincidence or not? God works His power in ways I never expect…

I attended a service and shared Communion at my daughter’s favorite church. The pastor brought us a very touching and powerful sermon via video from Ghana where he is attending a Living Water global conference.

I left church and went to my lay ministry volunteer work with the ill. I always begin my ministry of compassion and listening by spending time in the chapel asking the Lord to use me in His name and by reading his word.

My eyes and heart focused on Matthew 5 (the Beatitudes) and I thought of the poor in Ghana and other countries.

Later I stopped in to visit with a man who shared a powerful story.  A few years ago, his heart stopped beating for three minutes and he saw God. He described his near death experience and I was blown away.

He wasn't a religious type so when he asked me to look up a verse in Matthew 5, I could hardly believe it because I had just read Matthew 5.

God used Matthew 5:8 to confirm to the man that his experience wasn't a dream. The man had never read the Bible.

This was my first encounter with someone who has experienced a life-altering encounter with God as I did years ago under different circumstances. 

I knew this person had seen God.

Furthermore, guess where he was from? Ghana



God speaks to our spirits today. He is very much alive and he is very active in the lives of those He loves!

Listen deeply and ask God to give you more. 

He will. 

Isaiah 55:6 Seek the LORD while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.