Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Half of the year is finished!

My Word for 2014 – DO!

June was a month of rest and recuperation for me. After celebrating my birthday over several weeks with family and friends at the end of May, I took time to take it easy. My daughter returned to her home early in the month and I miss her. I’ll always miss her.

Family birthday celebrations continued in early and late June. I traveled outside of the city to attend a unique, spirit-filled wedding with a dear friend in the lovely foothills of a nearby town. Enjoyed meeting fascinating, eclectic people.

I started a scrapbook to gather all the cards I've received over the years. Those cards tell my history from the eyes of the givers.

The decluttering project brought peace into my life. My home looks better and I find myself carefully thinking before I make purchases.
Do I need it?
Will it gather dust? 

Putting my personal affairs in order last month made a difference. I don’t want to leave a burden on my only child.

June has been a tough month for people I love and I've lifted them in prayer. I know I’m grateful for each day.

I've enjoyed quality time with my three cats. The little one, Jake, enjoys being pampered and brushed. I like making him happy!

But June also ushered in uncertainty in a critical area of my life, God knows. I know that it will all work together for my good. Who knows? It could be an exciting time!

I'm also aware of changes I need to make to get to my goals. 

June has taught me that I need to take action each day.